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Personal Data Form (.pdf)

Instruction Guide [IMM EG7000]> also in PDF format  PDF, 836 KB
Schedule 1: Background/Declaration [IMM 0008 SCHEDULE 1]  PDF, 286 KB
Schedule 3: Economic Classes [IMM 0008 SCHEDULE 3]  PDF, 147 KB
Additional Family Information [IMM 5406]  PDF, 134 KB
Document Checklist [IMM 5612]  PDF, 166 KB
Use of a Representative [IMM 5476]  PDF, 55 KB
Manila, Philippines  PDF, 575 KB Visa Office Form
Australia:Complete applications
Complete applications are likely to be processed more quickly. A complete application meets all requirements for this visa, with all required documents attached as evidence. Incomplete applications may be delayed or, in some cases, refused.
See: Document checklist 175( 79KB PDF file)


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