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EVP Consultancy Services Corporation is one of the leading migration service provider in the Philippines handling migration consultancy services for Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In service for more than 13 years now, EVP Consultancy already gains the status of acceptability among our clients of business people, professionals and skilled workers who already living, working, studying and doing business in their new homeland as citizens and permanent residents. EVP Consultancy facilitated their applications and most of them passed without interview.  
What our successful clients had gone thru can be yours too. The earlier you decide the earlier you will enjoy the value of your immigrant visa and their benefits once you qualify and passed the application process. By the way, it's a full family status application wherein your whole family are included in the application. You can have your immigrant visa issued within a reasonable time frame with eligibility for citizenship or permanent resident status. The whole family are entitled to government welfare benefits such as full utilization of medical facilities, free education for your children, old age and unemployment insurance and many more. It's a long term opportunity and a best gift for your family.
Once you decide and confirm your application you are months away to become a permanent resident. Just send in your resume for free assessment and EVP Consultancy will lead you on how to become a permanent resident. EVP Consultancy will provide you professional, expert and personalized services in preparing your application. Our office is open for visit and inquiries.
Your future is our success.


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